Mastermind Your Content Marketing Strategy

by Startup Expert Stefanie Diaz

During this session, you will learn:

* How to identify the right content for your brand
* How to take your content away from cookie to something that cannot be cloned
* How to build a community around your brand leveraging content
* The systems and tools that allow you to stay consistent with your publishing schedule

SPEAKER: Stefanie Diaz

SPEAKER: Stefanie Diaz

Stefanie Diaz - Founder, Mastermind Your Launch

Stefanie Diaz is a successful marketing strategist, radio host, and brand guru who specializes in empowering entrepreneurs. Her company, Mastermind Your Launch, has helped multiple businesses put the right face, message, and systems behind their brand so that they can confidently and effectively enter the marketplace.

As host of the radio show, Mastermind Your Launch on Business Radio X, Stefanie knows firsthand the power that content can have when it comes to displaying credibility, value proposition, and differentiation within your niche.

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